Easy Baked Apples | This easy gluten-free dessert is great on its own or on top of vanilla ice cream! | www.honeyandbirch.com

Easy Baked Apples

Easy baked apples! This easy gluten-free dessert is great on its own or on top of vanilla ice cream! If you are familiar with my blog, then you know I like easy and delicious recipes. It’s not that I don’t get crazy in the kitchen now and again with a complicated recipe.  Its more that…

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Baked Graham Cracker Chicken Tenders | Honey and Birch

Baked Graham Cracker Chicken Tenders

The first time I had a chicken tender was probably at a fast-food restaurant with golden arches (you know which one I’m talking about.) I probably loved it too.  That was a very long time ago. And a lot has changed since then. The restaurant I mentioned above recently began a campaign talking about where…

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If you're looking for a warm up this autumn, try one of these fall soup recipes! | Honey and Birch

Special 8 Great: 20 Fall Soup Recipes

This weekend, I was really feeling autumn.  First, I busted out my grey knit hat and went to a college football game. Well technically, I was an adult “chaperone” for a bus load of Nebraska fans heading to Northwestern University to watch the game.  But at the last minute I was able to get a…

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Easy Stuffed Mushroom Appetizer | Honey and Birch

Easy Stuffed Mushroom Appetizer

This easy stuffed mushroom appetizer is a perfect finger food! If you’re look for a warm app, make this – it’s quick and delicious! Do you remember last week when Mr. B went shopping for me and bought home 10 pounds of mushrooms? How could you forget… or rather how could I because I was…

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Make string art out of any picture! #DIY #stringart

DIY String Art for Your Kitchen!

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared a DIY or craft here.  I guess I got all wrapped up in the food blogging but can you blame me? Food blogging results in a lot of delicious food! Well, crafting also results in something pretty awesome – in today’s case, some awesome string art for my kitchen!

Friday Feature Foodie: Kailley from Kailley's Kitchen

Friday Feature Foodie – Kailley from Kailley’s Kitchen

Welcome to Friday Feature Foodie! Each week, I interview a different food blogger or foodie with a website. It’s your chance to get to know bloggers, other than myself, and a chance to discover some great recipes! This week’s #FFF is Kailley from Kailley’s Kitchen!   In a few sentences, tell me about you and…

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