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Do you have any burning questions or enthusiastic comments about a recipe that made your taste buds dance or a travel post that ignited your wanderlust? The best way to contact The Thirsty Feast by Honey and Birch is by email. I’m here and eager to connect!

Shoot me an email at, and I’ll do my best to get back to you within 3-4 days.

When delving into the realm of my delicious recipes, you might find some insider tips and ingredient substitutions embedded within the posts. To ensure your culinary adventure is smooth sailing, I highly recommend taking a peek at the entire post before reaching out. It might just answer that looming question or solve a culinary quandary before you even hit send!

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Other Inquiries

For inquiries other than those related to recipes or travel, such as freelance work or the captivating world of food photography, please feel free to drop me an email. Although opportunities are currently limited, I’m always open to exploring potential collaborations and projects that align with my creative vision and schedule.

A quick note: While I immensely appreciate the interest, I regret to inform you that I do not accept guest posts on my blog. As the sole author of this platform, I pour my heart and soul into each piece, maintaining a personal touch and ensuring the content remains authentic to my experiences and expertise.

Your support and interest mean the world to me, and I’m thrilled to engage and assist wherever I can. Let’s embark on this culinary journey together—whether it’s through savoring a new recipe, sharing travel tales, or discussing the captivating world of food and creativity.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Contact The Thirsty Feast by Honey and Birch anytime!

Warm regards,

Jenny B.

Debbie Rittenour

Sunday 7th of May 2023

These muffins are absolutely perfect, just the way they are!! After reading through the comments and all the crazy things people changed, I was sorry comments were closed because I just wanted you to know that I love them, I am thankful you shared and I would not change a thing! 😁I am looking forward to trying your other recipes!