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Make Your Own Vanilla Extract

Making vanilla extract is one of the easiest kitchen DIYs. It is a great, quick afternoon project. I don’t know if it’s kid-friendly but that’s up to you. I couldn’t resist adding another DIY gift to my blog.  My first DIY gift was this melt and pour soap tutorial which, thanks to Pinterest and Mashable, …

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Homemade Buffalo Sauce | Don't buy store bought sauce, make your own! Perfect for chicken wings. #condiment #sauce

Homemade Buffalo Sauce

Making homemade buffalo sauce from scratch is easy! Choose your spice level – great for buffalo wings, chicken dips, and any favorite party recipe. I love making homemade condiments and spice mixes. I started with taco seasoning mix, went on to make a delicious and very easy homemade pizza sauce recipe and even concocted a homemade onion soup …

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bowl of crystalized ginger

How To Make Candied Ginger

Candied ginger is easy to make and great as candy or for garnishing cocktails and desserts. You only need a few ingredients! I started out with the idea to make candied ginger when I was playing around with Moscow mule garnishes. Store-bought would have been fine, but that’s not how we do things. “Homemade or …

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hibiscus simple syrup

Hibiscus Simple Syrup

This easy homemade hibiscus simple syrup recipe is the perfect substitute for basic simple syrup. Perfect for all of your favorite cocktails. Making simple syrup is easy and making different simple syrups is just as simple. You need a pot, water, sugar, and your favorite ingredients. Hibiscus simple syrup is one of my favorites and …

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closeup photo of pickled jalapeños

Pickled Jalapenos

Make pickled jalapenos with this easy recipe. Quick pickled jalapeños can be made the day before and enjoyed on a variety of foods including nachos and chili. Also included are instructions for canning jalapeños.  Last summer I decided that pickling was my new hobby. I pickled cucumbers… to make pickles. I pickled blueberries and shared them at …

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Easy Homemade Pizza Sauce

Homemade Pizza Sauce Recipe

This easy homemade pizza sauce recipe is one of my favorite from-scratch recipes. It can be prepared while you’re heating up the oven! The tides are turning… which in Honey and Birch-land means spring is here. Everything is better in spring. The sun shines more, I want to cook more, and photos can be taken at more times …

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