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Ice Cream

Chocolate Bourbon Milkshake

This bourbon chocolate milkshake is the perfect adult shake! Use vanilla ice cream, your favorite bourbon, and baking cocoa for this combination dessert/nightcap! This recipe is an “oldie but goodie” back from the days when I was a brand ambassador for Rodelle! If you’re new to Rodelle, they develop superior baking extracts and gourmet spice blends (and are …

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Java Lava Crumbler (Coffee Milkshake)

The java lava crumbler – a delicious cookie and coffee milkshake. And who doesn’t love whipped cream and chocolate syrup! One of my very first jobs was working at a coffee shop on the northwest side of Chicago called the Sun Cafe. It is a long gone business, unfortunately, but I have many happy memories …

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Nutella Ferrero Rocher Milkshake

A Nutella Ferrero Rocher milkshake is delicious any day of the week. Nutella and Ferrero Rocher candies go so well together and you’re going to love this sweet dessert. Okay, this is the milkshake to end all milkshakes. If milkshakes could end. Which they shouldn’t. Ever. My friend was all like, don’t share a milkshake recipe when it’s …

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No-Churn Coffee Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream

This no-churn coffee chocolate chunk ice cream is for coffee AND chocolate lovers. Coffee-infused sweetened condensed milk and a thick coffee syrup make this ice cream magical! Also, join me for Ice Cream Week – check out all of the delicious ice cream recipes my blogger friends have created and join our Ice Cream Week giveaway! Ice Cream …

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