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Easy Nutella Muffins Recipe – 3 Ingredients

Nutella muffins – this easy muffin recipe requires just 3 ingredients! Gooey Nutella, nuts, and crescent roll dough result in beautiful Nutella twist muffins.

Nutella twist muffin on a white plate

Whenever I stopped and picked up coffee, I grabbed a muffin. I missed my tender muffin breakfast when I cut out my coffee shop habit.

My mini obsession led me to create many muffin recipes over the years.

When I’m looking for quick and easy, I make jam-filled muffins. In the fall, I make pumpkin walnut muffins; in the spring, I make strawberry muffins.

Year-round, you’ll see me chowing down on some raspberry lemon muffins (with lemon glaze!)

But it was time to make something sweet and crunchy. Welcome home, Nutella swirl muffins. If you’re a fan of Nutella, this delicious recipe is for YOU.

3 Nutella muffins on a white plate

Nutella Muffins

This easy Nutella muffin recipe doesn’t require mixing dry and wet ingredients thanks to crescent roll dough you can pick up at the grocery store.

No mixing bowls, paper liners, or hand mixers – I could go on and on about all the kitchen tools you’ll be keeping in their storage space.

The best part is that you need just 3 simple ingredients. 

What results are beautiful muffins with a delicious swirl of Nutella and walnuts.

Nutella in a white bowl, walnuts in a wooden bowl, and two packages of crescent roll dough, unpackaged
one package of crescent roll dough spread out on a board

Nutella Muffin Ingredients

Like most of my favorite recipes, this easy muffin recipe has only 3 ingredients.

Nutella Hazelnut Spread: The star ingredient, Nutella, is a creamy spread made from chocolatey hazelnut that brings a rich and indulgent flavor to these muffins. Its sweet and nutty profile adds both sweetness and depth to baked goods.

gold knife with Nutella spread on it, resting on crescent roll dough covered in Nutella
roughly chopped walnuts on top of Nutella spread

Crescent Roll Dough: The crescent roll dough serves as the pastry base for these muffins. Its light, flaky texture provides a buttery foundation for the Nutella and walnuts to nestle within.

Roughly Chopped Walnuts: These nuts offer a delightful crunch. When scattered throughout the muffins, they add texture and an earthy flavor that contrasts beautifully with the sweet hazelnut spread.

crescent roll dough filled with Nutella and walnuts cut into six strips
six twists of crescent roll dough filled with Nutella and walnuts

Ingredient Substitutions

If walnuts aren’t your preferred nut or if there are allergies to consider, pecans or almonds can seamlessly replace them in the Nutella muffins.

Pecans bring a slightly sweeter and milder flavor than walnuts, while almonds offer a more subtle, nutty taste.

Both alternatives provide a delightful crunch and complement the Nutella spread wonderfully.

crescent roll twists in a greased muffin tin

A mix of nut options adds variety and caters to different preferences, making these muffins more inclusive and appealing to a broader audience.

For a creative twist, cookie butter can be a unique substitution for Nutella.

Cookie butter, made from speculoos cookies or similar spiced biscuits, has a rich, caramelized flavor profile.

It’s creamy and spreads like Nutella, making it an excellent alternative for those looking to switch up the taste.

6 uncooked Nutella muffins ready to go in the oven
golden brown Nutella muffins in a large muffin tin

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How to Make Nutella Muffins

Begin by preheating your oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit (180 degrees Celcius).

Grease a large 6-muffin pan generously to ensure muffins release quickly after baking.

Take one package of crescent roll dough and lay it out completely flat.

Be careful not to pull apart or separate the dough at the perforated edges, keeping it in one cohesive sheet.

baked Nutella muffin

Now comes the fun part!

Spread the Nutella evenly across the entire surface of the crescent dough. Sprinkle the chopped walnuts over the Nutella layer, ensuring an even distribution.

Roll out the second package of crescent dough and carefully place it directly on top of the Nutella and walnut-covered dough.

Align the corners of the dough sheets perfectly, creating a Nutella-filled dough sandwich.

Using a sharp knife, slice the dough sandwich into six even strips from top to bottom.

closeup photo of Nutella muffin on a wire rack
walnut and Nutella muffins on a wire rack

Then, taking each strip, gently twist it a few times. This twisting action will create a lovely, swirled effect when the muffins bake.

Carefully coil each twisted strip into the cups of your greased muffin tin.

The twists will fit snugly and begin to take the shape of muffin cups, ready to transform into delicious Nutella-filled pastries.

Place the muffin tin into the preheated oven and let the magic happen!

nutella and walnut muffin on a cooling rack

Bake the Nutella-filled twists for 18-20 minutes or until the tops turn a beautiful golden-brown color, creating a tantalizing aroma that fills your kitchen.

Once baked to perfection, remove the muffin tin from the oven and allow the Nutella muffins to cool slightly before indulging in these delightful treats.

You can also use a wire baking rack to cool the muffins completely before eating.

The aroma and sight of these golden, twisted pastries will make it hard to resist, but a moment of patience ensures the perfect enjoyment of these Nutella-filled wonders!

confectioners sugar being sprinkled on top of Nutella muffins

Storing Leftover Nutella Muffins

If you have any leftover muffins, store them in an airtight container. You can keep them for later eating in a freezer bag, in the freezer.

To reheat these tender homemade muffins, allow them to defrost and then place one muffin at a time in the microwave, heating in 10-15 second intervals. 

6 nutella muffins with confectioners' sugar on a wire rack with a cloth napkin
Nutella twist muffin on a white plate

Nutella Muffins

Nutella muffins – this easy muffin recipe requires just 3 ingredients! Gooey Nutella, nuts, and crescent roll dough result in beautiful Nutella twist muffins.
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 18 minutes
Total Time: 28 minutes
Course: Breakfast
Cuisine: American
Servings: 6 muffins
Calories: 75.2kcal


  • ½ cup Nutella hazelnut spread
  • 2 8-ounce cans of crescent roll dough
  • cup roughly chopped walnuts


  • Confectioners’ sugar


  • Preheat the oven to 375℉ (180℃) and grease a large 6-muffin pan.
  • Roll out one package of crescent dough completely flat. Do not pull apart or break at serrated, dotted edges.
  • Spread the Nutella evenly across the crescent dough. Top with walnuts.
  • Roll out the second dough package and place it on top so the corners align perfectly.
  • Cut 6 even strips from the dough, top to bottom, using a sharp knife. Using your fingers, gently pull your strips apart and twist gently.
  • When you have created all 6 twists, carefully coil them into the cups of your muffin tin.
  • Bake muffins for 18-20 minutes or until the tops of your muffins are golden brown.
  • Allow to cool slightly before eating.
  • If desired, sprinkle confectioners’ sugar on top of each muffin before serving.


To reheat muffins, place in the microwave and heat one muffin at a time in 10-15 second intervals.


Calories: 75.2kcal | Carbohydrates: 4.6g | Protein: 1.3g | Fat: 6.2g | Saturated Fat: 1.2g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 3.7g | Monounsaturated Fat: 0.9g | Sodium: 73.4mg | Potassium: 28.7mg | Fiber: 0.4g | Sugar: 1.1g | Vitamin A: 1.3IU | Vitamin C: 0.1mg | Calcium: 6.4mg | Iron: 0.3mg
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Jill Benjamin

Tuesday 28th of May 2024

Very easy to make


Wednesday 28th of February 2024

Could puff pastry be substituted for the crescent dough? Thanks.

Jenny Bullistron

Sunday 17th of March 2024

I've never made these muffins with puff pastry so I can't say yes or no, unfortunately.