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Thanksgiving Dinner Tips and a Cinnamon Snack Mix Recipe

My Thanksgiving dinner tips and a recipe for cinnamon snack mix – perfect for parties or snacking! With Thanksigiving right around the corner, I bet there is more than one of you freaking out a little about hosting this year. I remember the first holiday dinner I hosted very well. It went okay because I’m a control freak and …

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Homemade Red Pepper Flatbread Crackers

I am an official brand advocate for The Laughing Cow® in 2015. While I receive compensation for participation as a brand advocate, all opinions and love of cheese are my own. Make these homemade red pepper flatbread crackers and follow my The Laughing Cow cheese pairing recommendations to reinvent snacking! Do you know any food …

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White Chocolate Covered Blueberries

White chocolate covered blueberries are easy to make and perfect for dessert or a quick snack. These white chocolate covered blueberries are fantastic, and easy to make. Sometimes the easy recipes are the best recipes. But before I get to this easy recipe, I wanted to talk about something really quick. Cooking. More specifically, beginning …

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