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Chocolate Bourbon Milkshake

This bourbon chocolate milkshake is the perfect adult shake! Use vanilla ice cream, your favorite bourbon, and baking cocoa for this combination dessert/nightcap! This recipe is an “oldie but goodie” back from the days when I was a brand ambassador for Rodelle! If you’re new to Rodelle, they develop superior baking extracts and gourmet spice blends (and are …

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Marshmallow Peanut Butter Milkshake

This toasted marshmallow peanut butter milkshake is decadent and can bring your mind back to warm summer nights even in the dead of winter.  Back in the day, there was a hot dog stand near my Chicago neighborhood called Toots. It was more or less a shack. Who am I kidding – it was a shack on the corner …

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Raspberry Chocolate Shortbread Thumbprint Cookies

Raspberry chocolate shortbread thumbprint cookies – only 6 ingredients! These cookies are so easy to make and are my new Favorite!  Just a few months ago I was going on and on about how much I love soup season … and I realized I really, really love cookie season! You have no idea how many …

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Adult Mexican Chocolate Milkshake Recipe

This adult Mexican chocolate milkshake recipe is a delicious blend of chocolate, cinnamon, chipotle chile powder and Cafe Patron! I had been holding on to this boozy Mexican chocolate milkshake recipe for a rainy day – this is the perfect drink to forget the rain. Milkshakes are relatively easy to make. You need a blender …

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