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Simple Syrup

hibiscus paloma cocktail

Hibiscus Paloma Cocktail

This hibiscus paloma is a refreshing cocktail recipe; the tart grapefruit and lime juices are well complemented by the sweet and floral hibiscus simple syrup. Break out that bottle of tequila and mix up a batch of these delicious drinks today! Earlier this month, I made grapefruit hibiscus margaritas and I have about 10 gallons of hibiscus …

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Hibiscus Honey Mint Julep #julepoff | #bourbon #cocktail

Hibiscus Honey Mint Julep

Get ready for derby parties with this hibiscus honey mint julep. Made with homemade hibiscus simple syrup, it is the perfect mint julep! I’m a sucker for a bourbon cocktail. When Maker’s Mark® asked me to partake in the inaugural Maker’s Mark® Bourbon blogger challenge I could not resist. A few years ago, I visited Louisville and my …

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