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Free Printables for Your Adult Bathroom Walls

Free Printables for Your Adult Bathroom Walls

8 great free printables for your adult bathroom walls!

We have been doing little things around our apartment since spring sprung- it literally has sprung us into action, which is a great thing, because it was desperately needed.  One of the projects that we tackled was putting some art in our bathroom.

Alas, I found a lot of great bathroom art out there, but the majority of it was for children’s bathrooms.  I reckon that most adults know to brush their teeth, etc and wipe their hoo hoo and if they don’t, well, I have a feeling they won’t be guests in our home.  Mr. B. and I don’t have any kids and rarely have child visitors, so the last thing I wanted was childish bathroom art.

Eh, I ended up being a little disappointed with what I found available out there and ended up creating my own artwork.  I will have a post about that soon with my own free printable art (yay!!) for you all. I did manage to round up eight great free printables for your bathroom.

“Wash Your Hands” was an overwhelming theme and I felt that it was worth repeating to adults and children alike.

8 Great Free Printables For Your Adult Bathroom Walls

If you don’t feel like making your own art, there are still some great options out there. For FREE. Print these printables out on your home printer or take to your nearest office supply store.  The key to great home printed artwork is think paper so pick up so card stock and you’ll be on your way to pretty bathroom walls!

8 Great Free Printables for Your Adult Bathroom | Honey and Birch

1.  So Fresh and So Clean – Two Twenty One

2.  Lather Rinse Repeat and 3. Scrub A Dub Dub – Charm & Gumption Blog

4. Chevron Wash Your Hands – My Fabuless Life

8 Great Free Printables for Your Adult Bathroom | Honey and Birch

5. Wash Your Hands – Beauprez Family

6. Wash Your Hands By Order of the Management – The Shabby Nest

7. Bath Definition – Sprik Space

8. Bathroom Subway Art – SimpleCrafter

Two more things for you.  I love these super cute printable bathroom container labels from Thrifty and Chic. And I LOVE this $5 printable Star Wars bathroom print.  Totally worth the money to have the force and Yoda be with you…in the bathroom.

Happy printing, and be on the lookout tomorrow for my first free printable.

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Gina H

Friday 4th of July 2014

So glad I found your site, wondered where I could find these kind of printables! Thanks!

Jenny B

Friday 4th of July 2014

Thanks Gina! I am a huge fan of printable art for your home!

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