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Slow Cooker Taco Dip

Slow Cooker Taco Dip

This slow cooker taco dip recipe is perfect for parties – it can easily be thrown together in 2 hours with store bought ingredients!  It’s time for the second edition of #FreakyFriday! Back in February, I participated in the first edition of this blog hop and shared these delicious chicken fajitas. Not only did the Honey …

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Ricotta Beef Dip - a cross between pizza and lasagna without the carbs | #appetizer

Ricotta Beef Dip

Ricotta beef dip – a cross between pizza and lasagna without the carbs! Ricotta and pizza sauce are combined with ground beef for this easy appetizer. I went to the gym yesterday! This wouldn’t seem that momentous or deserving of an exclamation point except for the fact that I haven’t gone to the gym in a …

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Mini Pepper Poppers | #appetizer

Mini Pepper Poppers

These mini pepper poppers are a great alternative to my jalapeño popper recipe. They pack all of the flavor without the spice! Do you ever have a recipe that you really, really like but you can’t eat it anymore? That’s how I feel about my jalapeño poppers. They are deliciously spicy and I can’t stop …

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Easy Green Onion Dip - substitute spinach dip for this yummy appetizer! | #dip

Easy Green Onion Dip Recipe

Change up your parties with this easy green onion dip recipe! Easy to make and full of flavor, serve it with crusty bread or tortilla chips.  I’m about to go off on a non-food tangent. If you’re just here for food, scroll down to the green recipe. A delicious dip/appetizer recipe is coming your way. …

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Brie and Pickled Blueberries

If you have pickled blueberries, brie and pickled blueberries are the perfect combination!  This is great for dinner parties and girls night’s in. I went on a farm tour this week (more on that later) and one of the other bloggers there made a comment that has resonated with me all week.  She said that …

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